LASG Waiver.

Please fill in and sign our Waiver. This waiver is mandatory for ALL LASG Members.


Please read the following LASG Gym Rules and Policies outlined below, and sign this waiver by printing your full name below.

Automatic Rules and Policies: Credit cards are charged 2 weeks before the next session. If you do not want to continue to the next session a DROP FORM must be filled out no less than 30 days before the start of the new session. If automatic card does not go through and payment is not received before the week prior to the new session, the discount rate will not be applied. If class is changed to a higher amount of hours, you understand your card will be charged for the hours taken. Yearly enrollment fee will be charged on top of your tuition when due.

Enrollment Fee: The Los Angeles School of Gymnastics is a member only facility and an annual $ is instituted for all. The enrollment fee for all students at LASG is a tax deductible donation, to help support LASG insurance costs while your gymnast receives a complimentary LASG T-shirt. Enrollment fee is started the FIRST day of enrollment and is good for 12 calendar months from date of payment.

Make-up Policy: There is 1 make-up lesson allowed per student/class/session. The make-up must be scheduled while student is an active member in a class. Make-up session MUST be scheduled through the office ONLY after THE CHILD HAS MISSED his or her primary class.

Uniform Policy: All members are required to wear their OFFICIAL Los Angeles School of Gymnastics uniforms to EVERY class. CHILDREN WITHOUT A UNIFORM WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN CLASS. Replacement uniform items are available for purchase in the LASG gift shop.

General Health Form/Release
I am aware that participation in this sport will be a dangerous activity involving MANY RISK OF INJURY. I understand the dangers and risks of participation include, but are not limited to, death, serious neck or spinal injury, which may result in paralysis , brain damage .serious injury to all internal organs, injury to all bones, ligaments, muscle, tendons and other aspects of my body. l understand the dangers and risks of playing or practicing may result not only in serious injury, but in serious impairment of future ability to earn a living, engage in business, and generally enjoy life.
Because of the dangers of the sport, I understand the importance of following the coaches' Instructions regarding techniques, training and other rules and I agree to obey Instructions. In consideration for allowing me to participate, I hereby assume all the risk associated with the sport (of gymnastics) and agree to hold the school/gym, its employees or agents harmless from any and all liability, causes of action, debts, claims, or demands of any nature whatsoever which may arise in connection with my participation in any activities related to the school. The terms hereof serve as a release and assumption of risk tor my heirs, estate, and for all members of my family.
I, as the parent/legal guardian, have read the above warning and release and understand all of its terms. I understand the sport (of gymnastics) involves many risks, including but not limited to those outlined above.
In consideration for the school/gym permitting my child to try out for and ultimately participate with the team, hereby agree to hold the school/gym, its employees and agents harmless from any liability which may arise in connection with participation of my child in activities related to the school. The terms serve as a release.
I assume all financial obligations during and/or hereafter my attendance at the school. No cancellations, refunds, changes. or substitutions.

Image Release: Participant further agrees that the Organizers shall have the right to record, broadcast and otherwise exploit in any and all media throughout the world Participant’s activity/performance in the Event and to use Participant’s name, likeness, voice and biographical information in connection therewith. If any provision of this Agreement shall for any reason be held invalid or unenforceable, such invalidity or unenforceability shall not affect any other provision hereof and this Agreement shall be construed as if such invalid or unenforceable provision were omitted.

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I understand and fully acknowledge the waiver I’m signing, the risk, and I have addressed all of my questions and have confirmed by my enclosed digital signature my full understanding of enclosed policies and procedures.